The square number you purchase corresponds to the image shown below. Once a square is sold it is no longer available to be purchased. Once all squares are sold numbers from 0 to 9 will be randomly assigned to the two teams and posted to this page.

To purchase multiple squares add each one to the cart separately. Note: until a square is purchased it is still available. Adding a square to your cart does not reserve the square!

100 squares. $25 each.

First Quarter $250
Halftime $500
Third Quarter $400
Final $1000 + donation of $250 to charity of your choice. Includes tax receipt.

How you determine the winner is the last number in the score. So for example Philadelphia 17 Kansas City 10. You would go across to the seven on the Philadelphia side and you would go across to the zero for the Kansas City side. Whoever has that square wins.

Choose ONE number. ADD it to your cart. Repeat.
Once a number is PAID FOR it is marked as OUT OF STOCK on the purchase list.