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It started with a simple question: why should moms have all the fun.  And just like that, the Brantford Dads Group was a thing.  Full of dads who share laughs, offer good advice and help each other out, the Brantford Dads Group is the premiere group to be part of.  If this sounds like the type of group that you have been looking for then what are you waiting for.  If you are a dad, and want to connect with some of the coolest cats around then click the facebook button below.

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If you’ve been resisting joining our dad’s group because you feel like you it’s a support group, take a deep breath and relax. Brantford Dad’s Groups is better than group therapy, and you won’t need to reveal any deep secrets or insecurities – unless you want to; and we’re ok with that.  Remember, what happens in Brantford Dads Group stays in Brantford Dads Group.

Here are a few types of dads you will find in the gorup.



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Our daily posts are filled with knowledge seekers and knowledge givers.  Looking for some work to be done?  We have the right dad group for you.  Maybe you need a good laugh – you’ve come to the right place.